At Home before Cataract Surgery

Your decision to undergo cataract surgery is the major step towards your visual improvement and cataract treatment goal. Normally at home one has best opportunity to have a well focused preparation before surgery.

The journey to better vision begins…… right from the pre-operative office visit through consultation till ultimately your vision goal is obtained. We assure our support in this endeavor.

Preparation for cataract surgery:

Instructions before cataract surgery:

  • Eye care
    • The eye is required to be kept clean and infection free.
    • Instructions regarding the instillation of eye drops are to be followed.
    • Advisable to maintain a gap of 5 minutes between two types of eye drops on instillation.
    • Contact lens in the affected eye is needed to be removed before the surgery to prevent infection.
    • The contact lens removal duration also depends on the type of contact lens used.
  • Rest
    • Avoid straining the eye.
    • Unprotected UV rays to be avoided. Use UV protected sunglasses while out in the sun.
    • Take ample rest before surgery.
  • Diet
    • Have healthy and wholesome diet.
  • Relaxation
    • Keep yourself stress free and without anxiety.
  • Medications:
    • Follow medications as instructed.
  • General Hygiene
    • Follow general hygiene in handling eye drops. Hands to be washed well before and after application.
  • Transportation arrangement: To and fro travel arrangements to be made being an outpatient procedure.

On the day of cataract surgery:

  • Ensure medicines are continued as instructed and medicines which need to be stopped are discontinued. Do not stop any medication without advice.
  • Maintain required hygiene conditions favorable for the surgery.
  • Fasting before surgery- You may be asked to avoid any solid food 3 hrs before the surgery/ liquid foods 2 hrs before surgery unless instructed otherwise.
  • Avoid smoking or alcohol.
  • Carry all medication details and reports.
  • In case of contact lenses, they should not be worn on the day of cataract surgery.
  • Having head bath in the morning of the day of the surgery is advisable.
  • Avoid eye makeup especially on surgery day.
  • Ensure arrangement is made for relative / by stander to accompany you for the surgery.
  • In case of diabetic patients, the instructions need to be followed accordingly.
  • Use comfortable clothing on surgery day.
  • Ensure you reach the hospital in time.
  • Normally tropical anesthetic eye drops are administered, do inform in case you have any allergies to anesthetic drops or any medicine in particular.
  • In case you are affected by other eye conditions like Glaucoma or previous eye surgery, kindly follow instructions as recommended.

Proper understanding and follow up of pre- operative instructions streamlines the process of your treatment and helps you to make the best of your time at home before the cataract surgery. You could refer to the printed copy of the pre-operative instructions for guidelines and cross reference. Nevertheless in case of any further queries, do contact us. We would be glad to assist you.

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