At the Surgical Facility

Steps to be taken (at home) before reaching the surgical facility:

  • Medications for eye: Eye drops as prescribed which need to be started before reaching the surgical facility to be followed as advised. These are usually dilating eye drops to ensure that the pupil is dilated for the surgery. These may be repeated after admission.
  • Other medications: Medications for Diabetes, Thyroid and high blood pressure etc. should be taken in the morning as usual, with your light breakfast.Oral antibiotics may also be started the day before surgery.
  • By stander: You are advised to be accompanied with a family member/friend from your home till you reach back home after the surgery is completed.
  • Travel arrangement: Ensure appropriate arrangement is made to travel back home. It is not advisable to drive back by yourself as your operated eye is protected by a shield and vision would need time and rest to restore back.
  • Fasting:If the surgery is under general anesthesia (as in case for children) then overnight fasting as instructed to be followed. Otherwise a light breakfast is recommended.
  • Physical preparation for the surgery: Ensure you are free from illness on the surgery day. In case you happen to have any other discomfort, cold, cough fever or high BP. Kindly report the same to the nurse/ doctor.
  • Mental preparation for the surgery: Although cataract surgery is the most common procedure, for most people cataract surgery may be is their first eye surgery. In case of adults it is quite possible that some do have a phobia for operations due to past experiences of other surgeries. In case of any such issue, do inform us to ensure that we help you relax before surgery. At Shroff Eye Hospital, we encourage you to be well prepared not only physically but also mentally through various consultations including our counseling session. Moreover your meeting with our operating surgeon would have already helped you gain confidence for the surgery.

Finally, you need to reach the surgical facility in time with all relevant documents.

Steps before the cataract surgery at the surgical centre:

Irrespective of the type of cataract surgery to be performed, Noted below are the common processes that follow prior to surgery:

  • You would be greeted and welcomed by our nurse at the time of admission.
  • She would escort you to your day bed and orient you to the room facility and other details like the emergency bell, rest room area etc.
  • You would be given a change of clothes for the surgery.
  • The nurse would review your medical history. You would be asked a few questions regarding your medications etc.
  • Your vital parameters such as Pulse, Blood Pressure, Oxygen saturation would be checked and noted before the surgery. This is to ensure parameters are within the normal level.
  • Diabetic patients may require to be tested with a spot test for blood glucose level to check control of blood sugar.
  • Dilating drops for cataract surgery will be continued as required.
  • A skin test is done for checking any allergy / sensitivity towards the anesthetic agent.

With the continuous support from our entire team, you could be assured of best care at the surgical facility before the operation.

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