Cataract Treatment

The evolution of cataract treatment from couching to Intra Capsular Cataract Extraction without IOL, further to Micro incision cataract surgery has revolutionized cataract treatment tremendously. Earlier cataracts were awaited to mature for surgery. With technological advancement, one need not wait for cataracts to mature for cataract surgery. American Academy of Ophthalmology had reported a study on how people with cataract related vision loss who undergo cataract surgery tend to live longer compared to others who have visual impairment and do not undergo surgery (40% lower long-term mortality risk in those who have undergone the surgery).

The main purpose of cataract surgical treatment is to restore vision. Presently, cataract surgery is the most effective treatment for cataract removal. Other alternative treatments which do not require surgery are been widely researched like activating protective proteins to keep lens in the eye clear from clouding etc.

In cataract surgery, the diseased natural lens is replaced with artificial intraocular lenses. If IOL replacement is ruled out then other options like contact lens or glasses could be recommended. Symptoms of cataract could be resolved temporarily by increasing the prescription in glasses. Pre-operative consultation and thorough eye examination is performed at first. The most suitable procedure, preparation, benefits, risks and complications are discussed during the consultation ensuring you are the right candidate for the procedure. The treatment plan is chalked out based on the type of cataract, degree of loss of vision, severity of the condition, presence of other illnesses, age etc.

Phacoemulsification: During Phacoemulsification an ultrasonic probe is used to emulsify the cataract by breaking it into small pieces and further aspirated using the same probe.

It is a widely accepted procedure using small incisions, and does not require overnight hospitalization. Topical anesthetic (eye drops) are administered and procedure is completed within few minutes. In Shroff Eye, your family has an option to view this cataract surgery live, which is performed with the latest technology and best expertise.

Uses of lens in cataract surgery: Prior to surgery the most suitable lenses are opted for, depending not only on measurements in terms of the shape, size and power of the eye, but also the lifestyle of the person. Today availability of a varied array of lenses, the selection of the right choice of lens is vital. We, at Shroff Eye, assist in choosing the best suitable lens for your eyes after your examination and discussion with our surgeon.

Benefits of Cataract Treatment:                                                                                                                  

  • Prevents blindness.
  • Prevents accidents due to decreased vision.
  • Enhances vision.

·         Cataract removal is essential as a part of treatment for other eye conditions such as diabetic-retinopathy or Age – Related Macular Degeneration.

Cataract Treatment in children: Early treatment is beneficial in case of congenital cataract as development of the brain needs correct visual stimulation, hence learning disabilities are avoided. The earlier it is done, also the results are better. Delays could result in some visual impairment. Moreover it prevents irreversible amblyopia [lazy eye]. Just like symptoms of cataract vary among individuals, the response to treatment also may vary.

A detailed eye examination ensures an appropriate line of treatment.

The pre-operative counseling helps you to have clarity on the process and understand the protocol to be followed.

The follow up and post-operative medication and care helps expedite recovery.

Early diagnosis and cataract treatment restores vision.

Do get in touch with us to help you achieve your vision goals.

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