First few Months after Cataract Surgery

The first few months after cataract surgery is the time to witness a major healing process in the operated eye. Although the healing time varies from person to person and eye to eye the healing in small incision cataract surgeries is faster compared to older techniques. When you have observed the precautions and instructions as mentioned you will begin to notice the changes in your overall visual condition improving day by day. It is in this adjustment period that the brain takes to adjust gradually with your new lens in stages.

What could be expected within the first several days of cataract surgery?

  • Considerable improvement in vision.
  • Ability to resume normal activities most of them from day 1.
  • Gradual and steady decrease in the mild eye discomfort.
  • Mild Floaters in some cases.
  • Discharge from the operated eye at times.
  • Minor discomfort is normal on the first day.
  • Mild light sensitivity would wane off.

Points to note:

  • Make your follow up visit as discussed.
  • Continue with eye drops and other general instructions as discussed. Cataract Surgery alters the focus for the operated eye. Your old spectacle cannot be used and you would require new spectacle depending on the IOL.
  • Avoid rubbing the eye and ensure eye is protected with eye shield.
  • Any abnormal or unusual side effects need to be reported immediately like bleeding, nausea or persistent pain without any improvement.

What could be expected within the 1st month of cataract surgery?

  • In case your eyes require glasses after surgery, it would be prescribed only after vision gets stabilized. The power of the new glasses depends on the type of IOL selected (normally after 3-4 weeks). Some may not need glasses at all. You would be informed about the appointment for the measurement for glasses.

What happens at the first post-operative visit?

  • Eye pressure tested. In case higher side, medicated would be prescribed.
  • Dosage of medicines (eye drops) would be reduced as required.

What happens at the final post-operative visit?

  • At the final post-operative visit, your vision would be tested. Measurements to be taken to see if glasses are fine, in case you need them. Next visit would be advised to you after a specific gap time. It is advisable to have a yearly eye check up even in case you don’t face any issues.

Precautions to be taken:

  • It may take around 3 months for most people to recover completely from a cataract surgery. You would notice clarity in fine details more vividly by then.
  • PCO (secondary cataract) and Retinal detachment. It is relatively rare and not be ignored. Do report if you have pain or discomfort, blurring after cataract surgery.

In case you are advised cataract surgery for the second eye, the time schedule would be intimated to you as per the healing of the first operated eye. Normally one month gap is maintained to avoid infection. Overall vision can be judged when both the operated eyes are back to the new vision pattern.

The healing transformation from cataract surgery is a journey from blurred vision to better vision and with us you will experience the power of enhanced vision. Shroff Eye Hospital extends all support to ensure that you have a speedy recovery in the best possible manner.


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