How to choose a Cataract Surgeon

A cataract surgery would mean entrusting your most precious sense organ of your body for surgery. A successful cataract surgery results in satisfying experience and best visual outcome.

In order to streamline your search on choosing a right cataract surgeon the aspects in the selection has been chalked out as below:

Aspects in selection of a Cataract surgeon

  • Yourself
  • Your surgeon
  • Your hospital
  1. Yourself: The decision of choosing a right cataract surgeon for your eyes lies within you. In case you are unable to decide yourself, you need to consult your family members, friends, relatives, those specialized in the ophthalmic field etc. for opinion. It is also suggested to ask for reference from friends or relatives whom you trust.

Factors to be considered

  • Cost -The payment options need to work out for you. In some surgeries insurance is not applicable.
  • Research- Flashy advertisements may not expose the reality in terms of experience and skill. Before scheduling the consultation, the credentials need to be researched.
  1. Your surgeon:

Factors to be considered

  • Experience- Cataract surgery is a microsurgery wherein a single wrong move could create a serious outcome. Successful outcomes are the fruits of vast time tested experience. Check on how experienced the surgeon is in his field of specialty.
  • Use of latest technology – Important aspect of consistent success is how the surgeon is able to adapt to the latest technology. Surgeon’s credentials including Training- Educational qualification, professional affiliations, state licensing, board certification etc. Check if the surgeon is a state licensed practitioner.
  • Total procedure performed- The total surgeries performed fine tune the expertise in the specialty. Check on the number of cataract surgeries done.
  • Skills – A skilled surgeon can handle any complex complications and emergencies.
  • Safety– Once the surgery is scheduled; your trust in the safety boosts your confidence. A good surgeon would conduct the surgery only if you are prepared and if you are the right candidate for the surgery. In case otherwise, for your safety the surgery could be postponed or cancelled. Your safety factor matters.
  1. Your Hospital:
  • Surgical Team- Cataract surgery is a team work. Team knowledge also counts and capability of team also is important. An ideal hospital would have an excellent surgical team.
  • Facilities – Advancement in the usage right from the basic equipment is important as it aids in the refraction diagnosis, calculations and facilitates the better surgical outcome.
  • Hospital staff – Pleasant Behavior, positive attitude of the staff creates cordial and patient friendly environment.
  • Facilities to handle emergencies.
  • Post operative follow ups are conducted or not need to be checked. Good hospital simultaneously gives pre and post operative instructions for follow up.
  • Transparency in Information- Openness and transparency instills goodwill and confidence. E.g. Opportunity for your caretakers or family to see the surgery live on screen.
  • Professional environment.
  • Location advantage– Travelling for regular, follow ups and post operative check up are less tedious if centrally located by rail, road and air.
  • Hospital Reputation- It the goodwill created over years of commitment. Certifications of the hospital aids in distinguishing them from the other hospitals.
  • Choice of various surgical and IOL options should be available.
  • Media Reports- Media network and social network communications could also act as indicator in deciding the efficacy of the hospital.

Tips for choosing the right surgeon for cataract surgery

  • Find the complication rate & Infection Rate- Infection Rate also needs to be noted. Ideal hospital for cataract surgery would have the lowest rate.
  • Visit the surgeon or hospital website for more details.
  • Meet the surgeon face to face and discuss with past medical history.
  • Seek 2nd opinion if required.
  • Check online Testimonials for others experience.

A holistic evaluation before making your final decision in choosing the right cataract surgeon would benefit you; after all you have just a pair of eyes. The parameters to check on the criteria of selection in choosing the best cataract surgeon could vary from person to person.

Over decades, Shroff Eye Care is a pioneer in eye care built on trust and commitment to quality ophthalmic care for a lifetime.

We look forward hearing from you.

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