Immediately after Cataract Surgery

At the hospital after surgery:

  • Post cataract surgery you would be seen by the surgeon before you leave the hospitalHe will answer any queries that you may have. You will be discharged from the hospital soon after the instructions are completed and with your caretaker as you are not allowed to leave by yourself alone.
  • The nurse will brief you regarding all post operative care and instructions at time of discharge.
  • Generally there is very little discomfort following surgery. However, if you do experience some mild pain, you may take the any pain-killers suitable to you.

At home after surgery:



  • For the first week following surgery you should protect the eye from injury. Do not rub or put pressure on the eye.
  • Take small pieces of cotton wool and place them in a bowl containing water. Boil for 10 minutes and keep the bowl covered. After washing your hands with soap, take a small piece of the sterilized cotton wool from the bowl. Squeeze out the excess water. Clean the discharge around the lids without applying pressure on the eye.


  • Retract the lower lid and instill one drop of the prescribed eye drop into the eye. Gently close the eye just once and keep it closed after putting the eye drops. If you blink after instilling eye drops, they will reach the throat causing a sore throat and headache. Eye drops should be used as per the prescription. Ensure that your do not touch the dropper and that dropper does not touch the eye while instilling. This is to avoid infection.
  • Do not apply drop by yourself on your eye.


  • Put on protective eye wear provided by us throughout the day and continue to do so for one week outdoors
  • Wipe tears or eye drops which have over flown below the margin of the dark glasses. Do not touch the eye.
  • At night you will be instructed how to use a protective eye shield over the operated eye
  • Before going to sleep, cover the eye with the shield provided to you with sticking plaster.This is to be used for a week post surgery.
  • Do not place cotton wool between the shield and the eye.
  • Do not sleep on the operated side for one week.
  • For the first 5 days from the time of operation, take a bath below the neck. Hair can be washed after 5 days.


  • Avoid strenuous activities.
  • Do not lift any objects heavier than 10 kg for about 15 days after the surgery.
  • Do not bend with your head below waist level for about 10 days after the surgery.
  • You may start reading and watching TV after 2 days.
  • Many people return to light work immediately after surgery, but please discuss your needs with your doctor during your post operative visit (next day).
  • Ask your surgeon about any specific activities you may have in mind as in leaving town, driving, yoga, walks, gym etc.


You would be required to come for a post operative check up as advised upon discharge. Please make sure that you call and confirm the appointment 2 days earlier.

If you have any further questions regarding your surgery or post operative treatment kindly speak our Nurse who will coordinate with your surgeon to answer your queries.


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