Is Cataract Surgery Serious?

Cataracts are inevitable with aging and not completely preventable. Recent advancements in Cataract surgery have increased its safety, efficacy and success in many folds. This is the only effective treatment to remove cataracts and is vital for sight.

In a cataract surgery the cloudy cataract affected natural lens are replaced by artificial IOL depending on the suitability.

With present advancement in ophthalmology it is possible to detect cataract at an early stage and treat with best technology.

What happens if cataract surgery is not done in time?

  • Blindness: Initially cataracts may not be severe and may not affect vision. If left untreated cataract may progress and cause difficulties in vision and in rare cases it can lead to blindness.
  • Cause for other eye disorders: Cataracts can also lead to other eye disorders like glaucoma etc if untreated.
  • Complications: The surgery could get more complicated and risky in case of delay as the cataract tends to get dense and hard.

Advantages of a timely cataract surgery:

  • Spectacle Freedom: Cataract surgery the correction for Astigmatism and myopia can be made along with the cataract surgery and you could get spectacle independent in case you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Cataract surgery previously had only a mono – focal lens implant option now with Multi – focal IOL technology can decrease dependence on glasses after surgery.
  • Helps to increase the quality life: Depending on your eye condition, nature of your job and your visual needs the right kind of surgery would be suggested to you so that you could enjoy best visual outcome. If delayed, there would be chances that make treatment more challenging with onset of other unforeseen diseases if any, e.g. heart or diabetes etc. In any case if surgery is unavoidable then procrastination could cause more harmful and affect your quality life.
  • Reduces the risk factor: A cataract surgery in time reduces the risk factor both for your eyes as well as overall health. Falling and accidents causing health hazards could be minimized as cataract blurs the vision.
  • Optimum visual results: Optimum visual results are possible with smaller incisions with new technology thereby faster recovery and better visual outcome. You need not be confined to the long rest time and have a painless, stitch less surgical experience. You could get back to your routine work faster depending on the type of surgery undergone.
  • Astigmatism correction: Corrections to resolve astigmatism could be conducted during the cataract surgery enabling you to have good distance vision without spectacles.
  • Insight for other eye illnesses undiagnosed: When you diagnosis for the cataracts we also look into the possibilities of other eye illnesses like AMD, if any through a comprehensive eye check up. Some conditions reducing visual potential like retinal scarring from macular degeneration, Floaters and other eye disease unrelated to cataract too be eventually treated and corrected.
  • Reduction in intraocular pressure: Emerging data suggests that cataract surgery may provide a significant reduction in IOP.

Cataract could be severe and may not actually cause any visual impediments or they could be minor and yet cause severe visual difficulties.

Hence cataract surgery at the right time could enhance your vision and thereby could avoid getting it serious.


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