Lens Replacement

Why do I need a Lens Replacement?

Lens Replacement is a procedure that   resolves multiple refractive conditions like presbyopia / hyperopia / myopia / astigmatism along with cataract as well.

However, a patient can undergo Lens replacement even if one does not have cataract, in which case it is termed as “Presbyopic Lens Replacement or PRELEX or even Clear Lens Extraction”..

Lens Replacement in cataract surgery: This is the best and only way to treat cataracts effectively. In order to restore vision the cataract affected natural lens would to be replaced with IOL (Intra Ocular lens). Intraocular lenses are artificial replacement lenses that are foldable, flexible and are implanted though the incisions made during the surgery after the removal of the natural lens.

Lens Implantation during a cataract surgery through phacoemulsification technique is performed without any stitches resulting in speedy healing and reducing the risk of complications. The procedure completes in few minutes.

Your life style and visual needs are considered while choosing the right lens. Accurate IOL calculations are essential for proper lens implantation. You would be advised on which type of lens is most suitable for you after assessment of your candidature for lens replacement is satisfactory.

Clear lens Extraction Surgery is useful for patients for whom LASIK treatment is not suitable [usually belong to an older age group]. Cataract surgery is a daycare procedure and lens implantation is performed one eye at a time. An interval is maintained between eyes to avoid infection. There are various types of IOLs according to the suitability and type e.g. monofocal, multifocal and toric lens.  

Monofocal IOLs: A type of traditional lens to resolve your distance vision although you may need glasses for near vision.

Lens replacement for correcting Presbyopia: Presbyopic IOLs like Multifocal IOLs (to focus distance as well as near) and accommodating IOLs (designed to move the eye muscles in order to adjust the right focus) are used during the cataract surgery to resolve Presbyopia. It eliminates or reduces the need of glasses for distance and near vision.

Lens replacement for correcting astigmatism:   Toric IOLs resolve astigmatism as well. Toric IOLs replace limbal relaxing incisions in the cornea to change its shape.

Lens Replacement Recovery: Lens Replacement recovery time is very quick and eye restores to normal vision rapidly although initially after surgery vision is slightly blurred.

  • Medication (eye drops) to safeguard infection [antibiotics] and inflammation [anti inflammatory] are instilled in the hospital as well as the person accompanying you would be explained and trained on its usage in order to continue the same at home.
  • You are advised to follow the instructions regarding the follow up visits after the surgery.
  • Eyes would be rechecked after the cataract surgery recovery for further correction in case required.

Shroff Eye Hospital facilitates your relatives to watch the live procedure telecast in the viewing area in the facility. Post surgery, you will be in a recovery area for a short time and then shifted to your allotted day bed. You are under observation in the post operative period, monitoring of the vital signs are also done. You would be discharged after post operative doctor’s check up and confirmation.

You would be sent home with a detailed list of instructions and medications. All post operative eye drops are provided by us for the immediate post operative period.

Our endeavour is to ensure you get the best possible treatment. Your eyes are important to us.



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