Lower your Cataract Surgery Risks Even Further

If a cataract surgery is advised, then delay or avoiding surgery is the biggest risk. Why? Because you could simply lose your vision and in certain cases such loss of vision is irreversible. As you know, surgery is the only logical solution to treat cataracts effectively; the real need is to take a decision at the right time. When you take a decision for surgery, half the battle is already won.

The phacoemulsification procedure for cataract removal is usually a satisfying surgical experience, using implants or (IOL’s) Intra Ocular lenses, which improves vision.

It is by far one of the safest and most common surgeries in modern times.

But how can one reduce surgery risks even further?


I] Choose the right hospital

  • One which is well equipped to handle any type of eye related issues, even if emergencies or complications arise.
  • One that utilizes latest technology and expertise.
  • A hospital that has excellent treatment plans to choose from and medical care in the best of facilities.

II] Choose the right surgeon

  • With good surgical expertise and experience. Learn as much as you can about him/her before you visit the clinic. You must strike a good rapport on your visit, such that you should be comfortable to ask any questions that concerns you, no matter how silly you think it may be.

III] Choose the right surgical procedure:

  • When you have made a wise selection of the hospital and surgeon, the right surgical procedure easily follows through. Your doctor will help you in narrowing down your treatment plans

Iv] Choose to undergo Routine Eye examinations:

  • It’s like having a regular maintenance contract for your eye. Helps to rule out abnormalities and treat eye diseases effectively at the right time or even prevent them before you see the signs and symptoms. The first eye examination begins at birth, then at regular intervals. When you undergo cataract surgery, it should continue even after surgery.

V] Choose to be in good overall health:

  • Not just eye care, a complete health care is vital. Exercise, nutritious diet, protection of eyes from trauma and UV rays by appropriate eye wear when outdoors for prolonged periods.

VI] Choose healthy lifestyle changes:

  • Incidence of High Blood Pressure and Diabetes could aggravate diseases like cataract and could further lead to complications. Smoking and alcohol increases risk of co morbidity. Hence due care should be taken at all times.

VII] Choose to know your vision needs:

  • Knowing what is going on with your body is very essential to help the treating ophthalmologists identify vision issues and advise the suitable solutions.

VIII] Choose to attend to any decrease in vision or other symptoms:

  • If you tend to ignore them, no other person or doctor can help you. You are the best person to first report them.

IX] Choose medication for other disorders when necessary:

  • Treat lower urinary tract symptoms, dental focus, as simple as they sound, it could turn out to be a focus of infection during your cataract surgery. Some medications need to be reported to the doctor, do not hide facts from them. For e.g. studies have indicated that Tamsulosin (Flomax) could cause IFIS (Intraoperative floppy iris syndrome).


  • Safe guard against risk of infection and inflammation
    • Observation of instructions for medication as prescribed.
    • Timely consultation and follow up check up.
    • Follow guidelines on eye protection and eye care.
    • Taking precautions against infection like instilling eye drops in the right technique.
    • Avoid rubbing the eye.
    • After surgery biannual consultations or annual consultations will help you.
    • Keep free from dust, allergens and unhygienic conditions.
  • It is advisable to opt for cataract surgery in the second eye after the first eye recovers at a specific gap to avoid infection. This usually is about 7 days or more.
  • Trust your doctor and the team: This increases your self confidence for the surgery and helps you to deal with your vision issues in a better way.

Assuring you of our best support and treatment.

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