Myths, Facts and Fears- Cataract Surgery

Over the years we would have possibly heard about some myths on cataract surgery and doubted the reality. These myths are not the real truth and could cause delay in getting the right treatment at the right time. Today cataract surgery is safer and has better outcome. Moreover with advances in technology and changes in the cataract surgery these prevailing misconceptions have a better revelation.

Let us debunk the common myths and learn the reality for better understanding.

MYTH #1: The need of cataract surgery arises only after cataract is allowed to ripen or mature.

FACT: In the initial stages of cataract, the surgery is more beneficial and has less risk of complications. There is not advisable to wait for the cataracts to mature. Thanks to the advances in cataract surgical procedures, we can diagnose cataract as soon as the vision issues crop up. Early diagnosis and treatment will help to rule out other eye disorders as well.

MYTH# 2: Is cataract is a cloudy filmy layer forming on the outermost layer of the eye?

FACT: Cataract in fact does not form on the outermost layer of the eye (conjunctiva). In fact, cataract is the clouding of the natural lens of the eye and develops within the eye lens itself. This prevents light passing through the lens and causing blurred vision making us unable to see clearly. When the opaque lens is replaced with an artificial lens during the cataract surgery, the vision becomes clear.

MYTH #3: Cataract is an eye problem occurring with the aged.

FACT: Cataract can occur at any age. Some occur at birth (congenital cataracts) and can form at any age although generally seen in older people. Those with diabetes, smokers, eye trauma etc. can develop cataracts earlier.

MYTH # 4: After cataract surgery complete rest for months is essential.

FACT: Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure and modern cataract surgery can be completed in minutes and recovery time is very fast unlike surgeries that had larger incisions and longer healing time.

MYTH #5: Eye drops can prevent cataract.

FACT: Eye drops or ointments cannot prevent cataract and surgery is the most effective treatment. A surgical opening is required to replace the lens. Vision researchers are working on prevention of cataract through eye drops has been widely researched.

MYTH# 6: Straining one’s eyes on detailed and fine vision like sewing deteriorates cataract.

FACT: Fine vision activities do cause stain for the eyes. It does not impact the growth of cataract.

Fears of undergoing cataract surgery.

  • Some feel cataract surgery is a dangerous process and may lose sight. Presently surgery being the solution to treat cataract effectively. As cataract destroys your vision and could lead not only blindness but also lead to reasons for other accidents.
  • Some feel it’s a painful procedure. With advanced cataract treatments the surgical experience is quite painless.
  • Some fear that they will have to wear glasses even if cataracts are removed. Correction could be made by using suitable lens during the cataract surgery and could help you to get rid of your glasses.

In case of any clarification or for more details, do get in touch with us.

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