Possible Short-Term Side Effects from Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is considered to be the safest and most commonly performed surgery worldwide and has a very high success rate. Just like every surgery there also lies an inevitable undesired element of side effects. Most people have faced no side effects. However, one should be alert regarding the same, because if treatment is ignored it may turn serious. Normally the side effects are short term and easily treatable.

The knowledge of the possible short term side effects, should they arise, helps in better understanding and preparation to combat the same. Let us understand some of the common possible issues due to cataract surgery that goes beyond what is desired.

  • Side effects from Medication: These relate to any side effects observed before, during or after surgery due to administration of medicine/eye drops even anesthesia for cataract surgery. These need to be immediately reported. You would be advised accordingly in case medicine needs to be reduced in dosage or discontinued completely.

Some of the ancillary effects: Small incision cataract surgery (Phacoemulsification) itself has reduced the risk to side effects. However in rare case the conditions listed below could occur in some cases.

  • Inflammation: Ie.g Uveitis in rare cases. This is associated with redness, tearing and light sensitivity. Sometimes, eye lids swell up and there is mild to moderate pain. This usually occurs when the post surgery eye drops are suddenly stopped and if there is any underlying cause for inflammation, such as a dental or gum infection. Oral anti inflammatory eye drops for inflammation is prescribed.
  • Bleeding: With small incision surgery there is almost no bleeding during surgery. Moreover cornea does not have blood vessels.   However, in rare cases bleeding may occur in back of the eye (vitreous).
  • Mild pain and discomfort: Usually just after surgery a mild discomfort is common which gradually reduces or responds to any simple pain killers.
  • Sensitivity to bright light: The temporary side effect of light sensitivity is common for few days, which is why dark protective glasses or good sun wear is advised when outdoors.
  • Redness: Mild redness in some cases which is expected to reduce within a day or two.
  • Eye Pressure variations: Variation in the intraocular pressure could arise in some cases.


Other side effects after cataract surgery that affect the eye:

  • These could result due to the presence of other health conditions like diabetes and hypertension.
  • Caused due to other eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma.
  • Caused due to medications from previous eye surgeries.

Measure to minimize the side effects: Shroff Eye Hospital ensures that cataract surgery is performed with minimal side effects.

  • Understanding of overall health condition while treating cataracts.
  • Regular check up and consultation is an opportunity to share the information about the medications taken and understanding of other prevailing health conditions.
  • Use of latest technology and expertise.
  • Constant monitoring of eye pressure, body pressure and sugar levels at various intervals and follow ups.
  • Surgery is performed only if you are fit for the surgery and right candidate for the same.
  • Patients are taught and trained on eye care methods right from instilling eye drops before surgery to various processes till the complete healing of the eye.
  • Zero Infection goal: Surgeries are performed with highest rate of sanitization to avoid any infection of any kind. Oral antibiotics and eye drops to prevent infection is prescribed in various stages. Proper eye care and effective use of eye drops after surgery prevents infection.
  • Due precautions are taken to maximize success rate and minimize side effects from cataract surgery.

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