The Pre-Operative Office Visit

The pre-operative hospital visit is the next step after deciding on the cataract surgery in order to plan your surgery to maximize surgical outcome.

Why is a pre-operative office visit necessary?

  • This instills a level of confidence and preparedness for your cataract surgery.
  • Ensures an affirmation of your interest for the surgery.
  • A complete pre-operative assessment prior to the cataract surgery to ascertain your fitness for the surgery.
  • Opportunity to understand the diagnosis and the type of procedure advised.
  • To have a proper understanding on the entire surgical process and utilize the opportunity to clarify your doubts.

What to expect during your the pre –operative office visit?

  • Pre Operative Tests: The tests are common for all cataract patients while some tests could be specific as per your health condition to avoid any risk. All the pre-operative tests are conducted in the hospital.
  • Testing specific for the Intra ocular lens Implant called ‘A Scan’ is done by our optometrist to determine the powerr calculation of the intraocular lenses to be implanted. Depending on your needs, lifestyle and eye condition the type of lens could be decided with our guidance.
  • Laboratory tests and ECG normally lasting for20 mins approx. could be easily conducted in our in-house laboratory in the same hospital itself.
  • Fitness from our anaesthetist or your physician is required in case Blood Sugar etc are high or any reports are abnormal.
  • Medication:
  • You would be recommended to continue all medications for systemic conditions such as Thyroid Disorder, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Diabetes etc
  • Pre surgery antibiotics and some dilating eye drops to be used on the day of the surgery will also be prescribed to you, once you are found fit for the surgery with normal blood tests and ECG.
  • Pre – operative consultation:
  • This provides an opportunity to answer your queries about your cataract surgery and the precautions that need to be taken for the surgery.
  • Discuss on the financial responsibilities, pre-operative instructions and desirable post operative expectation.
  • You would be provided a hard copy on the details of the pre-operative instructions for planning your cataract surgery along with the consent form for cataract surgery. The form needed to be duly signed and accepted after understanding the risks, benefits and alternatives of the recommended type of cataract procedure.

How to make the best of the pre-operative office visit?

  • For clarity and better understanding at times you have be asked the questions on your health condition in detail or specific to a particular illness like diabetes or hypertension. Advisable to carry previous illness records and details of medications in use in case required. In some cases certain medications that may affect the surgery would be asked to discontinue on case to case basis.
  • Successful one to one communication is a key to utilize the purpose of the visit.
  • Advisable to be accompanied by spouse/close relative/friend for a pre-operative visit. This helps in ensuring that the instructions and recommendations are righty noted.
  • Correct method and proper administration of the eye drops prescribed.
  • Maintain good general health before and after the cataract surgery.
  • In case of any reasons you are unable to make the pre operative visit or you are suffering from cough, fever, BP etc., do let our office know so that we would assist in rescheduling the same.


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