What is the Cost of Cataract Surgery?

Whenever one wishes to avail any kind of service, ultimately it’s the inherent value based factors rather than cost based that influence one’s decision to finalize and choose the right service provider from two or more identical vendors. In a cataract surgery, cost is an important factor in choosing the right hospital for surgery. Does the cost really matter for sight? Is the price a cost based pricing or a value based pricing? Does the cost incurred materialize to long term benefits like long term results? These are the questions that we normally introspect. Let’s understand more on the various aspects of costing in a cataract surgery.

The factors that determine the cost of cataract surgery:

  • Nature of procedure undertaken.
  • Type of lenses used.
  • Treatment of other eye conditions along with cataract surgery.
  • Locational advantage of the hospital.
  • Use of techniques involved.
  • Selection of an advanced technology upgrade.

Cost break up:

  • Cost structure in terms of the OPD fees which include the consultation, A scan fees and Lab test with ECG (pre operative blood tests).
  • Cataract surgery fees per eyes. (This includes all medicines, operation charges, surgeon’s fee, anesthetist fee and immediate post op visits).
  • Cost varies according to the type of lens used. Special lens like multifocal lens which takes care of far, near and immediate vision is priced accordingly at premium.

Apart from the above outstation patients would incur miscellaneous costs like the Cost of accommodation, travel, and other facilities.

Medical Insurance and reimbursement:

  • Certain type of cost in the cataract surgery are covered by medical insurance while others are not covered, hence one needs to be clear and well informed on the costing before the surgery takes place.eg Procedures that are considered cosmetic and medically unnecessary.

Selection of right lens:

  • We assist you in the selection of lens implant from a wide range of options according to the suitability. The cost variable will change accordingly with design, material, brand opted etc. If distance vision correction is made by IOL then glasses would be required to correct near vision. During the cataract surgery Presbyopia/ Astigmatism correcting lens could also be opted for spectacle freedom if recommended.

Type of cataract surgery and technology:

  • Not all cataracts would need surgery, a detailed discussion that benefits you would be advised and the best correction and treatment would follow with our advanced technology and surgical expertise. The cost overhead varies with the advancement in type of surgery performed and the technological platform operated.

Patient’s satisfaction and quality:

  • The terminology and the pros and cons of IOLs/surgeries would help in better understanding of the services and products used in relation with the incurring cost.
  • It is advisable to directly contact the hospital to discuss regarding the cost so as to avoid any confusion rather than following outside information or outdated data. Research, planning and control over the costing helps you in better financial management on the cataract surgery costs.

The overall quality of products used, care and services rendered does add value to your treatment.

                                            For more details, do get in touch with us, for a cost effective surgery.

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