What is the Prognosis of Cataract?

Cataract progression is gradual and can impair daily functioning. Earlier when technology was not advanced the cataract was awaited to ripen or mature leading to complications and visual impediments. Normally the age related cataracts are progressive and is predictable once detected. In case of delay it worsens vision and could result in permanent loss of vision. Hence timely treatment and regular eye checkups are vital.

Advantages of timely treatment for cataract:

  • It improves the quality of life.
  • Better visual outcome.
  • Delay could increase the risk of complications during the surgery
  • Spectacle independence.
  • Prevents accidents due to poor vision.


Battling with blurred images, depth perception or struggle to gauge distance becomes an obstacle to lead a normal life although at initial stage it may not be a hindrance. Sometimes cataracts are accompanied with other eye disorders like glaucoma, muscular degeneration etc. These could be determined in advance and are easily treatable.

Instrumentation to measure the power of Lens to be inserted are now more accurate. The best and most suitable artificial lens [IOL or Intra Ocular Lens implant] for each eye is prescribed and replaces the diseased natural lens during the surgery. The line of treatment is performed in accordance to achieve the best results.


After a cataract surgery, vision not only improves but is enhanced in most cases. In some cases, part of the lens capsule gets cloudy causing blurred vision. This condition is called ‘PCO or Posterior Capsule Opacity’ and can be corrected very easily by a YAG laser capsulotomy.

Prognosis of pediatric cataracts: Unlike cataracts in adults, in children the progression is variable, unpredictable and complex. If left untreated it could cause amblyopia.

Factors for good prognosis for cataracts:

  • Prompt diagnosis and effective treatment– Avoid delays in treatment to have a better prognosis.
  • Patient’s co-operation, age and health condition– Co-operation from patient’s side is a supporting factor. Advancing age could deteriorate overall health and your ocular conditions too.
  • Good control of diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension are necessary for reducing risks and also healing well.
  • Expertise of treating ophthalmologist utilizing the latest technology advancement in ophthalmology is significant in your healing process.
  • Type and severity of the cataract– Treatment at initial stages favors better prognosis hence advisable to undergo timely diagnosis.
  • Type of cataract surgery- Cataract surgeries with smaller incisions and advanced IOLs not only result in better visual outcome but also increase the recovery rate.
  • Sterile conditions and prevention from other infection- Treatment before and after surgery in non-sterile conditions could lead to infections and delay the recovery.
  • Medications and speed of recovery- Effective medications and timely administration improves the recovery at the faster rate.
  • Existence of other illnesses like diabetes could delay the recovery time.
  • Post-operative complications- Lesser the post-operative complication better the cataract prognosis.

Cataract prognosis varies from eye to eye and person to person. Moreover most of the factors are controllable and results are achievable.

Our expert team at Shroff Eye is well equipped with the latest technology and expertise to tackle any type of cataract to optimize the best visual prognosis and care for your eyes.

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